You’ve made the decision to establish a trust. Whatever the reason you may have in establishing your trust, one thing you will have to do is name a trustee. You will want to choose a trustee that understands your goals and has the capability to follow your instructions.

Your trustee could be yourself, a spouse, a child, a family member or a friend. Your trustee will be taking on potentially wide ranging and complex duties and may or may not understand all of the decisions or the time commitment that may be involved in settling your estate. For these and other reasons it may be prudent to name a corporate trustee.

Although an individual may have many of the necessary qualifications to serve as your trustee, few will have all of the necessary credentials. Everything you need in a corporate trustee is here at First National Bank & Trust.

At First National Bank & Trust we have developed a reputation as a professional trustee. We offer our clients direct access to their trustee and offer high quality service. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to show how our services can benefit you. Schedule an appointment with one of our trust administrators in Iron Mountain, Marquette or Menominee.

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